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has taken oath as KPK Governor on Tuesday, April 15th at 5.46 PM
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 12th April, 2014
 PIA Chairman notification on 14th Feb, 2017
 روزنامہ محاسب ایبٹ آباد ۔۔۔۔۔ 26 جون 2018
Sardar Mehtab addressing a press conference in Peshawar (29th Jan, 2014)

Sardar Mehatb Ahmed Khan
First national leader from Circle Bakote


Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan.... As I witnessed him
There are a dignified political tradition of politics in Circle Bakote. From Hazrat Pir Atiqullah Bakoti (1947-68) to Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan (1985 to present time) a chain of events came in to being which introduced a social, political, intellectual and leadership adulthood in people of Circle Bakote. We have recognized that Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan is a national political icon and first chapter of POLITICAL HISTORY OF CIRCLE BAKOTE. Why......? Because he won the CHIEF MINISTERSHIP of NWFP (KPK now) and conrested for PRIMIERSHIP of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in first time of 5,000 years of Kosar of Circle Bakote. It is not necessary to agree witth his political views as Mahtabism Doctriene of more than three decades leadership without any break but it is reality that he is faithful fellow of his bosses, voters and party workers as a son of soil.How much he delivered to his motherland, it will be decided by next generation history writers. This article is based on Wikipedia article and his imagines collected from his lovers. It is a honor for me that me and my oldest and faithful journalist comrade Tariq Nawaz Abbasi interviewed him in 1986 first time and published in Weekly Musalman Islamabad and Weekly Hill Post Karachi. We continuously interacted with him and write about his merits and demerits as a leader since three decades. Me and my loved friend Isteaq Abbasi (Exective Editor of Weekly Hill Star Islamabad interviewed him in 2011 in detaile and published it in Daily Azkar Islamabad. I also termed his long political career as MAHTABISM.

Searched, compiled and written by
(Journalist, Historian & Anthropologist)

Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan is legend of Circle Bakote who takes oath of Chief Minister Ship of NWFP first time in history. He belonged to Bodhrhal sub-sect of Dhond Abbasi tribe. His mother belonged to Chandal sub-sect of Dhond abbasi tribe and first cousin of renowned Kashmiri fighter and ex-president of Pakistan administered Azad Kashmir Sardar A Qayyom Khan. He metric from Osia High School and graduation from Sir Syed School Rawalpindi, then he LLB and practiced in courts in Rawalpindi. He was not a shining lawyer so he worked with his fader cloth shop. His uncle Sardar Sarfraz Khan contested many more local election but never won. He Promote young Sardar Mehtab and he won election first time in his life in 1985. He got popularity among the people of Circle Bakote and succeeded every election until now. He takes oath as Chief Minister of NWFP in 1997 and change the whole climate of Circle Bakote. He provides facility of PTCL phone, water supply schemes, link roads especially Kohala-Molia road, Sowargali Boi road, Birote Kalan and Khurd Road and Osia Malkote road. He constructed Murree Abbottabad road as motorway and upgraded high schools in Ayubia, Birote and Bakote. His government ended by military revolution of 12 October 1998 and he arrested from Parachinar. He trailed in Wheat Scandal Case in Attock Fort. He is senator now. He opposed for ticket of PML (N) for a candidature of Sardar Idrees Khan of Karhal tribe of Galiyat to Nawaz Shari, Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2002 genral election, but he won as MPA of NWFP assembly, joined Majlis-e-Amel (MMA), and takes oath of local bodies minister ship in provincial cabinet. For further details please study Weekly Hill Post Abbottabad, that not survived after Sardar Mehtab went behind the bars. This weekly was his spoksman and it is true that Sardar Mehtab never won the highest post of leader ship in NWFP if mentioned weekly would not help him in promoting him politically in Circle Bakote and in the whole province. 'he said in his first speech as CM in assembly and notified that the Word <Abbasi> not added with his name. He always had been wrote in news and official document as Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan'. He take action against Abdul Qayom Khan of Boi, Zafir Abbasi, a journalist from Birote, and many others his political as well as family apponents as Sahibzada Pir Azhar Bakoti the grand son of Hadhrat Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti. He creaded a dispute and araised the question of ownership and income of shrien among real brothers Sahibzada Azhar Bakoti and Pir Zahir Bakoti. The tension created not only differences between them but also among their followers. At last, in very short words it is no doubt that Sarda Mehtab has paid his debt of motherland Circle Bakote as a son of soil. To meet Wikipedias quality standards, this article or section may require cleanup. ... North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is geographically the smallest of the four provinces of Pakistan. ... Azad Kashmir (Urdu: آزاد کشمیر), is part of the Pakistani section of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, along with the Northern Areas; its official name is Azad Jammu and Kashmir. ... The Hill Post THE HILLPOST was a prestigious and first political and social weekly of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills. ... 

Character in democracy

Sardar Mehtab Khan is close companion of ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif and a good carier in national democracy. In an article Daily Frontier Post Peshawer on 1st July 2006 write <A national level Non-Governmental Organization, Aurat Foundation, has arranged a face-to-face dialogue on Charter of Democracy? here at the Peshawar Press Club on Monday (June 26) at 2 pm. To be organized under the Legislative Watch Programme of the foundation, Mr Nasirullah Khan Babar, a former interior minister, governor of NWFP and senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, and Senator Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan, a leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and an erstwhile provincial chief minister, will be the main speakers on the occasion. The registration of the participants will be from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Aurat Foundation Resident Director Ms Rukhshanda Naz will briefly talk about the objectives of the dialogue. Nasirullah Khan Babar and Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan will explain the ?Charter of Democracy? in detail from 2:10 pm to 3:10 pm. It will be followed by a panel discussion from 3:10 pm to 4:30 pm. Ms Rukhshanda Naz, representing the NGO sector, Mohammad Riaz, a senior journalist, Dr Sarfaraz, an academician who teaches Business Ethics at the Area Study Center, University of Peshawar, and an eminent religious scholar, Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan, will form the group of panelists. The Question-Answer session will span one hour --- from 4:30 pm to 5: 30 pm, preceded by the 10-minute-long concluding remarks by AF regional head. The invitees to the event are woman members of the NWFP Assembly, parliamentary leaders of eight different political parties, woman councilors, the civil society representatives, including lawyers and academicians.It may be mentioned here that the 36-point Charter of Democracy? was signed by former prime ministers Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (PPPP) and Mr Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) in London on May 14, 2006 to make, as the signatories to the document said, Pakistan a truly democratic state. The charter has sparked a war of words between the proponents and opponents of the covenant, both giving out statements and counter-statements in the national and regional Press.> The News Islamabad wrote on August 27, 2005 that <Ruling Pakistan Muslim League has won majority 32 out of 51 union nazim seats in local government elections in district Abbottabad confronting PML-Nawaz with an unprecedented defeat, which claims to have roots in the area but got only 9 seats followed by Jamaat-e-Islami, PPP-Parliamentarians and PPP-Sherpao.According to unofficial results, Sardar Hyder Zaman group backed by Federal Minister for Petroleum Ammanullah Khan Jadoon has now made smooth sailing to get the slot of district as well as tehsil nazims.Abbottabad which was considered a strong hold of PML-N faced a set back as almost all their stalwarts were defeated despite the fact that former chief minister Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan was actively remain involved in the election process. Even, PML-N backed candidates failed to get a single seat from the home constituency of Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan.Nine former nazims were able to retain their seats. They include Shaukat Ali, Saeed Mughal, Azam Khan, Ashraf Khan, Sarfraz Abbassi, Arshid Abbassi, Sardar Gulzar Abbassi, Nazeer Abbassi, Malik Habib Ahmad and Abdur Razaq Abbassi. Except Abdur Razaq Abbassi, all elected nazims belongs to Sardar Hyder Zaman group.> according to Dawn Karachi on 29 August, 2002 the officeers of PML-N's different wings and members of provincial council have expressed concern over the allotment of party tickets for PF-44 and PF-46 and urged the central leadership to "save the party from complete collapse." Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, they charged that Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan had caused more damage to the party in three days than what the government had managed in three years. They lamented that for PF-46, the ticket had been awarded to Malik Manzoor Hussain Advocate, ex-assistant advocate general, NWFP, who had not even applied for it while for the Abbottabad city seat, the ticket had been given to Inayat Iqbal Khan Jadoon, son of former NWFP chief minister, the late Iqbal Khan Jadoon, who had not yet filled out the party's basic membership form. Those who were present at the press conference included Adam Khan Jadoon, former president High Court Bar Association, Abbottabad bench and member PML-N provincial committee and Younis Khan Tanoli, president High Court Bar Abbottabad bench. Samiullah Khan Jadoon, provincial president MSF, Hammad Ali Shah, provincial president Labour Wing, Javed Khan Jadoon, president Hazara Youth wing, Sajjad Khan of Bagra, a candidate on PF-46, Saeed-ur-Rehman Advocate, president PML-N city, Qazi Ghanzanfar Advocate, Col Amanullah (retired) and other office-bearers.

 The oldest living newspaper of Circle Bakote
 with largest circulation
Weekly Qomi Tashakhus

Weekly Hill Star Islamabad

 Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan (born 15 December 1952 in Malkot, Prposed sub devision Circle Bakote) Abbottabad District to a Hindko speaking family of Hazara) is a Pakistani politician and former Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa from 1997 to 1999 and Federal Minister for Railways in the 2008 PM Yousaf Raza Gillani cabinet.[1] He is politically affiliated with PML-N, where he is the Senior Vice President. He has served as a senator from March 2003, but resigned on March 17, 2008, when he won the NA-17 Abbottabad-I National Assembly seat in the 2008 general election, held on February 18, 2008.
Chronology of life

  • *      1968….Mehtab Ahmed Khan passed matriculation from Government High School, Osea. Murree
  • *      1972….Graduated from the Sir Syed School in Rawalpindi.
  • *      1975….Passed LLB examination and joined Rawalpindi Bar Association
  • *      1976….He associated with his Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan's clothing business in Rawalpindi
  • *      1972….His uncle Sardar Sarfaraz Khan had contested local elections but never won
  • *      1985….Sardar Mehtab Khan elected for the first time \ as an independent candidate.
  • *      1997….22nd chief minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on the 21 February
  • *      1999….He was arrested and accuced him that he was involved in the wheat scandal case 
  • *      2003….Became a senator till 2009
  • *      2008….Mehtab Ahmed Khan won NA-17 Abbottabad seat
  •       2013….He lost NA-17 first time and has won only provincial seat.Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan                Abbasi was the runner up with 65,000 votes while Pakistan Tehreek e       Insaf candidate Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon swept the NA-17 Abbottabad-I seat with 92,000 votes.
Sardar Mehtab historical letter to his PML (N) leadership in 2010 
PML NA 15 ticket that awarded to Murtaza jawaid Abbasi

Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan as seen by camera eye
Sardar Mehtab with his leadership
On 11th Feb, 2014, meeting with PM Nwaz Shareef
on a spot table, no flower, no other things

........ In 1998 as Chief Minister KPK at Peshawer

Sardar Mehtab in National Assembly
Sardar Mehtab welcomed to his contestant of Premiership Raja Perwaiz Ashraf in 2012
Sardar Mehtab meeting with Circle Bakote Mediamen

......With office bearers of Galyat, Circle Bakote Union of Journalists Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi, Kaleem Abbasi, Atif Khalid Sati and Ishteaq Abbasi at his residance in Islamabad (2011)

Journalists Ishteaq Abbasi, Tarik Nawaz Abbasi and Naweed Akram Abbasi meeting with Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan in Abbottabad

In Electronic & Print Media

Daily Mahasib Abbottabad, 5th July 2017

 وفاقی وزیر شاہد خاقان عباسی کے بعد

اب سردار مہتاب احمد خان کا جعلی بیٹا بھی منظر عام پر آگیا

تحریر: عبیداللہ علوی

بنجابی کی ایک فلم بڑی مشہور ہوئی تھی، نام تھا ۔۔۔۔ منجھی کتھے ڈانواں۔۔۔۔ اس میں منور ظریف کو گھر والے گھر سے نکال دیتے ہیں اور وہ ایک چارپائی اٹھائے شہر شہر گھومتے ہوئے یہ صدا لگاتا ہے کہ ۔۔۔۔ مینوں پیو بنا لو یعنی مجھے ابا بنا لیں ۔۔۔۔ ہم اہلیان کوہسار سرکل بکوٹ اور کوہ مری کے لیڈروں کو تو ابھی کسی نے گھر سے نہیں نکالا نہ ہی ان کی تمام تر نا اہلیوں کے باوجود علاقے سے ہی ۔۔۔۔؟ چند روز پہلے مردان سے اسد عباسی ولد احسان عباسی نامی نوجوان کو کے پی کے پولیس نے گرفتار کیا تو اس نے تڑی لگاتے ہوئے پولیس اہلکاروں کو دھمکایا کہ ۔۔۔۔ وہ وفاقی وزیر شاہد خاقان عباسی کا بیٹا ہے ۔۔۔۔ پولیس والوں نے اس کا شناختی کارڈ دیکھا تو اس کی ولدیت کے خانے میں احسان عباسی آف مری لکھا ہوا تھا، تا ہم پولیس نے اسے تمام تر دھمکیوں کے باوجود تھانے کی حوالات کا مہمان بنا دیا ۔
اب خدا کی قدرت دیکھئیے ۔۔۔۔ ہم صحافی لوگ علاقائی حوالے سے قائد سرکل بکوٹ عزت مآب سردار مہتاب احمد خان کی علاقئی پالیسیوں اور ان کے بطور صوبائی، وفاقی وزیر، وزیر اعلیٰ، گورنر اور اب مشیر وزیر اعظم برائے ایوی ایشن 32سالہ دور اقتدار (ممبر ضلع کونسل یو سی بیروٹ جناب خالد عباسی اور سابق ناظم بیروٹ آفاق عباسی کہتے ہیں کہ ان کا دور اقتدار صرف 8سالہ ہے، باقی عرصہ مشرف کھا گیا ہے) میں سرکل بکوٹ کو بے مثال و بے نظیر موٹر ویز، چین سے زیادہ کارخانوں، ہزار ہزار بیڈ کے ہر ہرض مرض کے شفاخانوں، ہسپتالوں اور لیبارٹریوں کے علاوہ عالمی معیار کے کالجوں، آئی ٹی، انجینیئربگ، میڈیکل اور دیگر ٹیکنیکل ادروں اور یونیورسٹیوں (جہاں امریکی ، جاپانی اور یورپی سٹوڈنٹس بھی حصول تعلیم کیلئے آتے ہیں) اور سوٹزر لینڈ کو بھی مات دینے اور امریکی نیاگرا واٹر فال کو شرمندہ کرنے والی سیاحت کے نیلم پوائنٹ کنیر پل اور مولیا آبشار سمیت ایوبیہ اور اہم مقامات پر تمام تر سہولیات سے اراستہ سیاحتی مراکز بنانے کے باوجود انہیں خوامخواہ اپنی نکتہ چینی کا ہدف بنا کر ان سے سراسر زیادتی کے مرتکب ہو رہے ہیں ۔۔۔۔ در اصل ہم نا شکرے لوگ ہیں ۔۔۔۔ حالانکہ علامہ اقبالؒ ہمارے اسی قائد سرکل بکوٹ کے بارے میں ایک صدی قبل فرما چکے ہیں کہ ۔۔۔۔
ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بے نوری پہ روتی ہے
بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے، چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا
بلکہ معروف لوک گلوکار ۔۔۔۔ عطا اللہ عیسیٰ خیلوی ۔۔۔۔ نے تو ساری حدیں پار کر کے سرکل بکوٹ کے اس دیدہ ور کے بارے میں یہاں تک گا دیا ہے کہ ۔۔۔۔
100سالاں وچ ہک چمدا اے ۔۔۔۔ تیرے ورگا ڈھولا
کیونکہ اس کے بعد ایسے ڈھولے کی پیدائش پر قدرت پابندی لگا دیتی ہے جیسے ۔۔۔۔ گزشتہ32 سال سے سرکل بکوٹ میں لگی ہوئی ہے ۔
ہمارے اس واجب الاحترام لیڈر اور بے بدل قائد جناب سردار مہتاب احمد خان کو بھی دلبوڑی، اوگی کے ایک عاقبت نا اندیش نوجوان ۔۔۔۔ بلال ولد شفیق ۔۔۔۔ نے اپنے والد کی جگہ دے دی ہے ۔۔۔۔۔ آج بدھ 5 جولائی کے ایبٹ آباد کے اخبارات نے بلال ولد شفیق کے ہمارے لیڈر سردار مہتاب احمد خان کو اپنا ۔۔۔ اباجان ۔۔۔ بنانے کی خبر کو شہہ سرخی کے طور پر شائع کیا ہے، اس نوجوان نے اوگی میں دو افراد کو گاڑی تلے دے کر مار دیا اور کے پی کے کی سرکاری نمبر پلیٹ والی گاڑی کو موقع پر چھوڑ کر فرار ہو گیا، گاڑی کی تلاشی پر مزید کئی ایک انکشافات ہوئے اور یہ بھی پتا چلا کہ مانسہرہ اور مردان پولیس کے پاس بھی اس جعلی شفیق ولد سردار مہتاب احمد خان پر مختلف جرائم کی ایف آئی آر درج ہیں ۔۔۔۔ خیر اس نوجوان کے دیگر شدمندہ کرنے والے تاریک کارناموں سے ہمارا کیا لینا دینا ۔۔۔ مگر ۔۔۔ مردان کے اسد عباسی اور اب اوگی کے بلال کی اس ناکام کوشش سے دہشتگردی کی اس ایک نئی قسم نے جنم لیا ہے جس کی تعزیرات پاکستان میں کوئی دفعہ بھی موجود نہیں ۔۔۔۔ سردار مہتاب احمد خان اور شاہد خاقان عباسی کوہسار کے وی وی آئی پی اور کوہ موشپوری سے بھی کافی بڑے لوگ ہیں، انہیں ایک کیا دس دس نوجوان بھی ۔۔۔۔ اپنے برخوردار ابا جی ۔۔۔۔ بنا لیں تو انہیں کوئی فرق پڑنے والا نہیں ۔۔۔۔ مگر مجھے خوف ہے کہ ۔۔۔۔ اگر کسی نے مجھے یا آپ کو ۔۔۔۔ مرتبہ پدری ۔۔۔۔ پر فائز کر دیا تو۔۔۔۔؟ بھئی، عمر جوں جوں ڈھلتی جا رہی ہے گھر کی اکلوتی ملکہ تو اتنی شکی مزاج ہے کہ ۔۔۔۔ رات دفتر سے دیر سویر ہو جاوے تو ۔۔۔۔ وہ سوکن کا طعنہ منہ پر دے مارتی ہے اور اپنی بھر پور صفائی کے موقف کے باوجود کبھی رات کا کھانا نصیب ہوتا ہے اور کبھی نہیں، اور ٹھنڈی و آج کل کی مچھروں سے بھرپور بھگی رات بھی گلیوں کے مٹر گشت میں گزارنی پڑتی ہے ۔۔۔۔ اگر اس طرح کی کوئی نیوز کسی پنڈی اسلام آباد، مری یا ہزارہ کے کسی اخبار میں میرے یا آپ کے بارے میں چھپ گئی تو ہمارے گھر کی ملکہ تو اپنی جگہ ۔۔۔۔ بچے بھی گھر سے جلا وطن کر دیں گے اور ہمیں بے گھر کرنے والا ہمارا جعلی بیٹا یا بیٹی بھی ہمیں قبولنے سے انکار کر دے گا ..... اس طرح ہم گھر کے رہیں گے نہ گھاٹ کے ۔۔۔۔ کیا سمجھے ۔۔۔؟

Interview with Daily Ummat Karachi

Daily AAj Abbottabad/Peshawar, 13th April, 2013

Saradr Mehtab Political Activities

Sardar Mehtab is filing nomination papers at Election Commisioner office in Abbottabad

Sardar Mehtab in Circle Bakote
.........In 1985

...... In Birote, May 2013

......... In Birote

....... Addresing a public meeting in Birote

..... In Molia, UC Bakote

............Reception by his lovers

..............In Birote Khurd

....................In SEDA School System Birote, 2010

For the year of 2013-14
Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan with........
......... At Malkote

........ Ishfaq Serwer

........ with his son Sardar Shamoon (Ex MPA)

In center........ House of Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan in Malkote 

Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan.....As seen by his opponents
Every personality of any department who gained popularity among his lovers, often objectioned by his opponents. Sardar Mahtab is a LEADER OF NATIONAL LEVAL and first hilly man who won CM ship of  Ex NWFP (KPK) now and contasted Premiership as a result his first political defeat in NA-17 in 2013 Election gave sences of joy to his opponents. Some intelegent fellows from his constituency produced many funny caricatures and photoes about him. These feelings are a new trend of new computer age. 

The assets and tax returns


 by National Assembly candidates from NA-17 

By Sardar Abrar Rashid Saturday, April 27, 2013 

The assets and tax returns declared by National Assembly candidates from NA-17 (Abbottabad) Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan and Dr Azhar Jadoon in their nomination papers do not match their wealth and in some instances these details are laughable. 
The nomination papers and details of assets are available with The News. Dr Azhar Jadoon, candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), declared in his nomination papers that he or his spouse and dependents owned the Hira General Hospital, Link Road Abbottabad and Professional Education and Promotion Society only. It said he opened an account with a private bank specifically for the purpose of election expenses and deposited Rs1.5 million in it. 
In column 12 of the nomination paper Dr Azhar Jadoon stated that he received Rs104,000 as salary from a private medical college in tax year 2010 against which he paid Rs24,000 as income tax. He added that he drew Rs129,000 each as salary in 2011 and 2012 and paid Rs36,000 as income tax each year. 
Dr Azhar Jadoon showed no landholding or agricultural income during above stated three years i.e. 2010-2012. He stated on oath that he paid Rs 27,000 for the party ticket. There is increase of Rs414,000 shown in his income against the previous corresponding year ending on June 30, 2012. 
According to the nomination papers, Dr Azhar Jadoon owned a 27 marla house valued at Rs15000,000, land measuring 53 kanal and three marla worth Rs200,000, another land of five kanal and four marla worth Rs 500,000, 18 marla land worth Rs1.2 million, one kanal land priced at Rs2.1 million, and another piece of one kanal land worth Rs400,000. Besides, the value of land owned by him measuring 700 kanal was stated as ‘not known’. 
Dr Azhar also stated that he owned a Land Cruiser model 1987/1988 worth Rs800,000 and Liana 2006 model car priced Rs650,000. He also possessed 20 tola gold. 
The nomination papers of Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan, candidate of PML-N from NA-17 also depict an interesting picture. The former chief minister (March 1997 to October 1999) declared that he, his spouse or dependents did not own any company except Malkot Poultry Breeders, Sihala Islamabad. He reported that he opened a bank account specifically for election expenditure with Rs 100,000 deposit. Through his shares and salary from Malkot Poultry Breeders, he said he earned Rs. 692,244 in 2010, Rs 884,736 in 2011, Rs 930,564 in 2012 and paid Rs36,271, Rs58,727 and Rs 65,113, respectively, in these three years as income tax. 
Sardar Mahtab said he paid agricultural tax on his Boi Rankot agricultural land amounting to Rs100,000 in 2010, Rs125,100 in 2011 and Rs 165,000 in 2012. 
Sardar Mahtab declared his total assets Rs16, 214,263 at the end of the previous fiscal year with an increase of Rs596,737 against the assets of Rs15, 617,526 during the corresponding year that ended on June 30, 2011. 
He said he owned plot pf land worth Rs1,335,000 in Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society Islamabad. He also owned a house and forested land in Abbottabad valued at Rs4,770,000 and agricultural land at Boi Rankot worth Rs1,655,977. He also held investment of Rs1,021,398 in Malkot Poultry Breeders, Sihala, Islamabad. According to the declaration column of assets and liabilities, Sardar Mahtab Khan owned a Toyota Prado (2006 model) priced Rs1,300,000 and ornaments worth Rs500,000. 
Sardar Mahtab reported having Rs5, 179,388 cash deposited in a private bank in Islamabad. He had personal valuables and furniture worth Rs750,000 and arms valued at Rs5,500. Many political observers and the common people don’t agree with the assets declaration of almost all the candidates, including Sardar Mahtab and Dr Azhar Jadoon. According to the law, anyone having any proof can challenge these assets at the Election Commission of Pakistan even after the elections and get the successful candidates who have under oath made wrong declaration of assets disqualified. <Read More>

(To be continued)

(To be cntinued)

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